The Story Behind Our Company

From our roots in Canada to our home in the Cayman Islands, we have seen businesses struggle with bank financing and raising capital.  We saw room to provide a solution to this struggle, to give businesses the confidence to seek financing knowing they have a partner to guide them through the process while maximizing the amount of capital.

Our Mission

To change the way businesses access capital.


We believe that we can change the way businesses access capital by helping good companies with solid values position their company in a positive and transparent light to banks and prospective investors and using our expertise to then pair the business with the best capital partner(s).

Our Values


Clear open communication instills trust.


Our people deliver, because they are empowered.


We believe there is no other way to do business.


In ever dealing and transaction, we bring our best.

Our People

The people who make things happen in our company and
who believe and build the future.



Dustin, who founded Tailwind, has over a decade of experience in corporate finance, most of which was spent in corporate banking with major Canadian banks where he worked with businesses to arrange senior debt financing up to $1bn.  Dustin has a passion for complex financing arrangements and is top in his field when it comes to bringing together the goals and strategy of companies and individuals and arranging custom financing tailored to his clients’ needs.

Dustin graduated with an MBA in 2009 and was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2015.  He is a dedicated relationship builder and is committed to excellence in the delivery of services to his clients

I have had an entrepreneurial itch since I was young and come from a family of entrepreneurs.  Moving to a foreign country and starting a business has been an exhilarating and life changing experience for me. 

Recently married, (finally!), I love cooking for my wife and she enjoys eating half of what I cook.  Working up a good sweat outside once a day keeps me grounded and virtual calls to family and friends in Canada regularly are important to me.”


Accounting Director

Abhishek is responsible for Tailwind’s accounting and outsourcing solutions team.  He is a Chartered Accountant with over 7 years experience working with mid-market and large corporations.  He brings his passion for developing innovative solutions to each of his client dealings and provides accounting solutions that actually work for our clients and provide meaningful information.

Abhishek’s medium-term goal is to move to Canada.  With remote working being the norm now, Tailwind is pleased to support him in this endeavor through our Canadian operations.


Human Resources Director

Quinn is responsible for ensuring our team members fit, are passionate, and are empowered. He has years of experience working with teams and human resources, bringing an intimate knowledge of human motivation to our organization. Quinn has a degree in psychology and is a Certified Human Resources Professional.

“Hobbies of mine are acting, making movies, and shooting drone footage. Every year I try to release a new movie showing some of the footage I’ve shot over the year or editing I’ve worked on.

I try to stay away from too much hot weather and love Canadian winters”


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