About our consulting services

We offer a broad range of financial consulting services specially designed to help your business navigate the world of finance. Common areas we are asked to consult on include:

Shareholder buy-outs:

Buying your partner out is a delicate process. Emotions run high and both parties want the deal that works best for them. We have experience in structuring, advising on, and financing shareholder buy-outs.

Loan Agreement and Term Sheet review:

  • Review of your term sheet or loan agreement for identification of serious oversights or structural considerations that will cause you problems in the future.
  • Review of terms and conditions for items that should be negotiated in your favour
  • Interest rate review
  • Pricing deal specific.

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  • Valuation analysis on acquisition target.
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Financial strategy for acquisition.
  • Structuring and sourcing capital for acquisition

What do we charge?

We bill on a flat project basis, or hourly basis depending on the project. The cost per hour varies depending on the type of work.

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