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Investment Opportunities

We connect high quality, vetted deals with you, our trusted investors and stakeholders.  We accept only the highest quality opportunities that we feel offer excellent financial returns with companies we trust.  We strive to seek opportunities that will benefit the communities we operate in, with companies that are ethical and operate with integrity.

How it works

Step 1:

Sign Up and Join Tailwind

Enter your name and email address to unlock access to vetted opportunities in the Cayman Islands both for equity investments and secured high return debt investments. 


Step 2:

Verify your email address

You’ll be sent a verification link to verify your email address.  After you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll be ready to view exclusive investment opportunities. 


Step 3:

Browse Vetted Deals

Explore all of our vetted investment opportunities on the offerings page. 

We feature a growing range of investment opportunities and deal flow is dependent on the activity in the Cayman Islands.  As we expand, the number of opportunities will grow. 

Once you see something that interests you, view the details of the company on our page or download the offering documents. 

  1.  Referrals from professionals, venture capital funds, and angel investors. 
  2. Organically as a result of our marketing activities. 
  3. Our capital solutions client’s where we’ve recommended a structure that includes private capital that we felt was best sourced from our network of accredited investors. 

All companies marked as “Vetted” have successfully gone through our due diligence process, which includes internal business due diligence and outsourced legal and confirmatory due diligence, unless otherwise noted. 

Legal and confirmatory review includes: 

  • The organization of the company 
  • The corporate structure and ownership 
  • The people behind the company 
  • Information provided to investors 
  • Investor information and terms of the offering 
  • Review of Transaction Documents by Outside Legal Counsel 

Business due diligence generally includes:

  • Problem or inefficiency being addressed 
  • Product / service overview, stage of development and anticipated milestones 
  • Demonstrated traction (e.g. revenue, pre-sales, purchase orders, signed contracts, media coverage, awards, etc.) 
  • Data to support claims made in marketing materials (e.g. user / customer metrics, signed contracts and agreements, product demonstrations, etc.) 
  • Growth strategy 
  • Employees and advisors (including ownership structure) 
  • Addressable market (e.g. size, growth, penetration, etc.) 
  • Competitive landscape and industry dynamics 
  • Exit opportunities 
  • Intellectual property 
  • Historical financials 
  • Financial projections (including error-checking, evaluation of key assumptions and reconciliation to stated growth plan) 
  • Reference checks (e.g. previous investors, advisors, etc.) 
  • Investment overview (including determination of key terms, uses of funds, and current and previous investors) 
  • Investment Committee review 

Step 4:

Do Your Homework

Investing in startups is inherently risky. It is important for you to do your own independent due diligence to mitigate those risks. 

Take a closer look at the companies that you’re interested in. Get to know the companies by leveraging the Tailwind team and connect with the companies’ founding team members. Take a deeper dive into the due diligence materials uploaded to the data room. 

As an accredited investor, you are ultimately responsible for conducting thorough due diligence. 

Due diligence is an investigation into a business for the purpose of being able to make an informed investment decision. 

  • Get to know the company you are looking to invest in by viewing their investor deck, any financial documentation, and term sheet. 
  • Connect and communicate with the founding team members. 
  • Understand the industries and marketplace in which the company is positioned. 
  • Do research about the company outside of the SeedInvest platform. 
  • Share the deal with your colleagues and get outside opinions. Feedback is valuable, but also remember that you’re the one writing the check. 

Step 5:

Make Investment

Making an investment is simple. Click the “INVEST” button on the company’s profile page and follow the steps to complete your investment. 

Invest as an individual or through an entity (such as LLCs or Trusts). 

  • Click the “Invest” button on a given company’s profile. 
  • Enter your investment amount. 
  • Verify your identity and accreditation status. 
  • Execute the required legal agreements. 
  • Enter the account information of your bank account (checking or savings) or choose to wire the funds. 
  • Confirm your investment. 
  • A member of our staff will review your submitted information including the required identification documentation and investment amount and be in contact with you within 24 hours to provide instructions for wiring or transferring funds. 

Once you confirm your investment, the funds will be transferred to an escrow account for safe-keeping until the fundraising is closed with our legal counsel. Once the fundraising round closes, you will receive confirmation of success and a link to the counter-signed legal agreements. Upon the completion of certain closing mechanics and compliance checks, the funds will be transferred to the startup. 

Step 6:

Monitor Your Investment

We require all companies that invest through Tailwind to allow us to manage their investor relations for a period of 12 months after the close of their respective offerings.   

The company’s portal will remain open to the investors for as long as Tailwind is managing the investor relations for the entity. 

You will also be provided with the contact information of the senior executives of the company you have invested in and if the number of investors in a closed offering is not excessive, we normally host a closing event where you will have the opportunity to meet the executives and owners of the company you’ve just invested in. 


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