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First impressions matter.  You could do this, but if you do and you aren’t successful, it is very hard to get a deal going back a second time.  It is almost like trying to land your dream job after showing up unprepared for an interview, then going back to the same employer after you’ve prepared and expecting a job.  You’ve already potentially made a bad impression.

It depends.  Each situation is different so a different fee structure is appropriate.  Usually we will charge a retainer fee up front, plus a % of the capital we successfully arrange for you.  If it is a restructure to try and get you a better rate, we may price it as a % of savings from your existing loan.

Yes, we offer consulting services that we can prices on an hourly basis.

Absolutely.  All first consultations are free and prior to hiring us, we will review your financial situation and provide you with a proposal. 

No.  We perform a preliminary assessment of your situation prior to moving forward to ensure we have a strong chance of success.

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